FoundersThe Women in Entrepreneurship, Infrastructure and Sustainable Energy Development (WEISED) International Conference has been designed to actively seek progress in recognition of the growing importance of procurement in energy for economic development and climate change mitigation following the designated 2012 year as the International Year of Sustainable Energy by the UN General Assembly resolution 65/151.

In addition, WEISED has been developed as a follow on from the GWIIN event held in Accra, Ghana on the 24 April 2012 and the recent report by the newly launched Women Investment Programme (WIP), a part of the Leading Women of Africa, which emphasises the significant and positive role women play in various sectors such as Oil And Gas, Construction & Housing, Solutions For Water And Sanitation Crisis In Africa, Women’s Entrepreneurship, Investing In People To Improve Organisational Performance: and Women In Investment.

About Dr (Mrs) Bola Olabisi

Bola Olabisi

Bola Olabisi wears a number of hats. She is a Social Entrepreneur, Author, Innovator, Coach, Founder of a successful global network, Champion of inclusive society that allows for creativity, invention and innovation. With a professional background in social housing and resident participation it is of little wonder that Bola has expanded her expertise to building the capacity of women with remarkable ideas.

She is the Founder & CEO of the UK based Global Women Inventors & Innovators Network (GWIIN) covering various regions in Africa, Europe, Asia and Latin America. With over 25 years in enterprise and knowledge transfer programmes.

Dr Olabisi’s main goal is to increase the amount of knowledge transfer in the area of enterprise, innovation, technology and intellectual property rights in order to alleviate poverty, create jobs and wealth for many of the disadvantaged. In 2006, she partnered with London Metropolitan University and currently works closely with the Accelerator, a part of the University. She continuously works to build opportunities for creative, inventive and innovative women and young people under the age of 30 in the workplace, at home, in the business context and in learning environments.

Her work serves to raise aspirations, improve self confidence and self esteem, increase motivation and broaden horizons and experience.

Bola founded and set up GWIIN in 1998 in the United Kingdom mainly to research, develop & encourage the growth and emergence of women entrepreneurship amongst inventors and innovators. GWIIN connects with women from across the globe with a special focus on creative, inventive, innovative skills & abilities.

GWIIN holds regular Conferences, Exhibition & Award ceremonies and other events annually and bi-annually in the UK, Europe and across the globe, in recognition and celebration of the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of the women who have created, invented or brought about the innovation of novel products & unique services. Many of our members have gone on to become very successful with their products & services

Specialties: A catalyst for necessary services for the introduction of new novel ideas. This includes assistance with Intellectual Property rights, Product Development, Networking, Product launches and various Knowledge Exchange opportunities.

Bola also specialises as a Consultant in the area of social housing management, community and personal development.


Lagos – Nigeria

London – United Kingdom
Phone : +4420 82205184

About Mrs Madelein Mkunu

Madelein Mkunu

In the recent years, Madelein Mkunu has gained experience in Policy Recommendations on: Leadership, Good Governance and Women Economic Empowerment.

  • She is completing her Post-Graduate Degree in Development Studies at University of Western Cape – South Africa
  • She has recently completed the Professional Fellows Programme with the U.S Department of State at the Michigan State University on Women economic empowerment, Strengthening Leadership Capacity and Professional Skills.
  • She has seated on the Strategic Framework Committee on gender and women’s economic empowerment at the Department of Trade and Industry (The Dti) in South Africa and was part of the finalization of the Gender and Economic Empowerment Framework.
  • She recently presented policy recommendations on gender and China-Africa Cooperation at China-Africa Think Tanks Forum II, under the topic: “China-Africa cooperation without meaningful engagement with women will fail”
  • She has also presented recommendations at Regional Researchers Consultative Workshop on Regional Indicative Strategic Development Plan (RISDP) Mid-Term Review workshop organized by Southern African Research and Documentation Centre (SARDC)
  • She has also contributed with recommendations for the SADC-Gender, at the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development Stakeholders workshop
  • She was invited by China-Africa Business Council (Hong Kong) to conduct an open conversation on the theme: “Creating Win-Win Partnership: A Dialogue between Women Professional & Entrepreneurs in Africa and Asia”.
  • She designed “Influential Leadership Programme (ILP), a Leadership Training programme focusing on raising visionary leaders in Corporate and Public Sector on the Continent.
  • She has designed Women in Infrastructure Development in Africa (WIDA), a programme that seeks to ensure that women emerge as successful leaders in industries and sectors in which African women were underrepresented.
  • She was mentored by one of the founders of Africa, Dr David Kenneth Kaunda, first president of Zambia

As an International Independent Business Consultant, trainer and facilitator, she currently works with various Institutions at local and international arena including:

- African Development Bank (Afdb): Research and Training consultant
– South African Parliament – Sports and Recreation Portfolio – workshop facilitator

Her currently focus is in the area of leadership and has developed “Influential Leadership Programme (ILP), a Leadership Training programme focusing on raising visionary leaders in Corporate and Public Sector.

Her footprints are easily found among others, in her publications and contributions:

  • “New vision for women of Africa in the 21st Century” which appeared in Convergence Vol 6 No 1;
  • “The contribution of women in the process of African development and unity”, which appeared in Diversity in Africa, the coming of age of a continent, edited by the esteemed Professor Kurt April of the famous University of Cape Town/ Graduate School of Business and Marylou Shockley, currently Associate Professor and chair at the School of Business, California State University- Monterey Bay – USA;
  • “The role of women in the planning and design of infrastructure in Africa” published by Times Media Group Ltd UK, during The G8 Corporate Africa infrastructure investment conference/ London June 2009 and July 2013.
  •   Gender and Economic Opportunities in Africa, what we know and what the policy Agenda for Africa?”  (March 2012) – AfDB

She is currently conducting advocacy in 2 levels: creating Win-Win partnerships between women of Africa and other Partners for Development and lobby for skills transfer and development and Entrepreneurship.


She currently lives in Cape Town with her husband and two boys.