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The WEISED 2013 Event took place on 16 -17 May 2013 at the Lagoon Beach Hotel, Cape Town, South Africa, under the Theme: BOOSTING SUSTAINABLE CONCEPTS & CREATING HIGH PERFORMANCE ALLIANCES. The event was officially opened by Hon Deputy Minister Elizabeth Thabethe of the South Africa Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Leading women from across Sub-Sahara Africa, the Diaspora and beyond are increasingly concerned about the effects of the limited infrastructure and sustainable energy opportunities available and the impact it is having on the social and economic development of their communities. In addition, women are seeking a more significant and practical role for the implementation of such related projects that will involve them in partaking in the combined challenges and opportunities for transforming existing and future infrastructures while adopting a cleaner and more efficient consideration for the environment.

The Global Women Inventors & Innovators Network (GWIIN) teamed up with Leading Women of Africa (LWA) to work in partnership and organised The Women in Entrepreneurship, Infrastructure and Sustainable Energy Development (WEISED) International Conference 2013. WEISED has been designed to actively seek progress and advancement for leading women in recognition of the growing importance of procurement for economic development and climate change mitigation following the designated 2012 year as the International Year of Sustainable Energy by the UN General Assembly resolution 65/151. The conference addressed and seeks to engage with women from all sectors.

WEISED has been developed as a follow on from the GWIIN event held in Accra, Ghana on the 24 April 2012 and the recent report by the newly launched Women Investment Programme (WIP), a part of the Leading Women of Africa, which emphasises the significant and positive role women play in various sectors such as Oil And Gas, Construction & Housing, Solutions For Water And Sanitation Crisis In Africa, Women’s Entrepreneurship and Women In Investment.

The WEISED event also served as a new platform for bringing together forward thinking leaders from economic, social, knowledge and growth driven industries, the academia and government to engage in discussion and debate about trends in cross-sector innovation to provide opportunities for international debates and discussions on future perspectives for this area.

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