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Johannesburg, 18-19 November 2015

Weised2020 has been developed in response to the needs of Africa’s infrastructure and to enable women to have a fair and equal opportunity to access procurement of contracts. A special focus has been placed on women involved in all aspects relating to moving their great ideas and other cutting-edge innovations up the value supply chain.

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Johannesburg, 5-6 November 2014

Innovation, Investment, Enterprise & Supply Chain

WEISED2020 Africa took place on 5-6 November 2014 at Indaba Hotel, Johannesburg, South Africa, under the Theme: Innovation, Investment, Enterprise & Supply Chain. WEISED2020 in its second major symposium and awards was opened by an enlightening introduction by Mrs Madelein Mkunu, Co-Founder & Director, WEISED2020 & President, Leading Women Of Africa (LWA). She explained that the Women in Entrepreneurship, Infrastructure and Sustainable Energy Development (WEISED2020) Symposium is a social innovation project aimed at boosting confidence while focusing on empowering and developing professional and women-owned businesses across the value chain. It has a mandate of empowering one million women by the year 2020 and has began the process of addressing the needs by connecting professional and businesswomen for the purpose of further development, training opportunities and a network of mentor / mentee relationships.



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Women from across South Africa and the international world shall gather in Johannesburg to addresses the fact that there is a huge pool of female talent simply not being utilized to the detriment of companies and the wider industry. The women shall partake in a two day symposium which will include a number of visits and tours hosted by institutions that have had major impact in the development of Africa.

The Women in Entrepreneurship, Infrastructure and Sustainable Energy Development (WEISED2020) Symposium is a social innovation project aimed at connecting professional and businesswomen to address their need for leadership, development, education and a network for mentoring.

WEISED2020 has a major focus on women in leadership positions because they are an excellent diversity indicator. We would like to see an increase in actively encouraging women in leadership positions move their great ideas and other cutting-edge innovations up the value supply chain industry.  WEISED2020 has been developed in response to the needs of Africa’s infrastructure and the procurement of contracts. It focuses on educating, attracting, retaining, and developing professional and business women working across the value chain. It has a mandate of empowering one million women by the year 2020.

Over 100 leading women in business and the workplace are expected to gather at the forthcoming WEISED2020 Symposium organized by South Africa based Ms Madelein Mkunu, President of Leading Women of Africa and United Kingdom based Dr Bola Olabisi, CEO of Global Women Inventors & Innovators Network.


WEISED2020 was launched and had its first conference and awards on 16 -17 May 2013 at the Lagoon Beach Hotel, Cape Town, South Africa. The occasion was officially opened by the Hon Deputy Minister Elizabeth Thabethe of the South Africa Ministry of Trade and Industry at the time. The event highlighted that women were concerned about the effects of the limited infrastructure and sustainable energy project opportunities available to them in Africa and called for a need to seek more fundamental, significant and practical roles for women in order to play a much greater role in the implementation of such related projects.

The WEISED2020 is designed to actively seek progress in recognition of the growing importance of procurement for economic development and was developed as a follow on from the GWIIN event held in Accra, Ghana on the 24 April 2012 and the report by the Women Investment Programme (WIP), a part of the Leading Women of Africa, which emphasises the significant and positive role women play in various sectors such as Technology, Oil And Gas, Construction & Housing, Solutions For Water And Sanitation Crisis In Africa.

WEISED2020 is growing into a far reaching initiative of life changing experiences for many creative, inventive and innovative women entrepreneurs and social change makers. WEISED2020 in its second major symposium and awards is an unparallel capacity building vehicle to empower, unite and inspire women to take their life changing contributions wider into job creation and the forming of a better quality of life for many in the continent.


WEISED2020 SYMPOSIUM Proposed Programme at a Glance! (TBC)

Day 1   5 November                  Conference & Exhibition            Indaba Hotel, Johannesburg

Day 1   5 November                  Gala Awards Ceremony             Michelangelo Hotel, Johannesburg

Day 2   6 November                  Site Visits                                 CSIR / JHC

Day 2   6 November                  Evening Reception                    IBM Innovation Centre, Johannesburg


The WEISED2020 theme this year is: Innovation, Investment, Enterprise & The Supply Chain and shall create the opportunity to raise awareness & listen to distinguished speakers from the corporate world, government departments, leading industry experts, business angels, entrepreneurs, educational departments & voluntary organizations in finding effective ways of bringing the support, assistance, tools, advice & information to assist women in business to achieve significant economic growth.


No one disputes that women across Africa are transforming components, natural resources and raw materials into finished products and delivering to consumers and customers. The key question is how do we increase this level of activity with a clearer understanding, research & development, information, and resources necessary in order to gain an equal playing field. WEISED2020 is a crucial capacity building platform necessary to increase the percentage of women’s participation in procurement and supply chain opportunities in Africa.

WEISED2020 would like to encourage leading female supply chain and logistics executives to join us as we unravel some of the sophisticated supply chain systems in various sectors such as ICT, communications, oil & gas, energy, agri-business, construction & housing, solutions for water and sanitation crisis as well as used products re-entering the supply chain at various points where residual value is recyclable to name a few.

The event emphasizes the significant and positive role women play at various levels of the supply chain while learning from a diversity of truly impressive high-level panel of Speakers. These include the corporate and government procurement and supply chain management arms including international renowned entrepreneurs in technology, engineers, scientists, innovators and relevant change makers.


  • Stay up-to-date on emerging trends and forecasts affecting the industry, as well as adjacent influences that can affect your company’s success.
  • Our discussions on trade finance and risk management, sales, marketing, global commodity trade and transportation, regulatory issues, and human resources will allow the opportunity to learn and share best practices and strategies to address every day challenges.
  • Join us and learn more on skill development designed to supply tools needed to succeed. Whether it’s negotiating critical business contracts, self-promoting, or preparing for the future, the focus on increasing business acumen, boosting credibility and improving communication skills.

For further information, please contact:

Ms Madelein Mkunu

Founder & President

Leading Women of Africa

Tel: 27 21 551 9929 – Mobile: 27 74 077 1659

Website: www.leadingwomenofafrica.com

Dr (Mrs) Bola Olabisi DBA, FRSA

Founder & CEO, Global Women Inventors & Innovators Network (GWIIN)

35 Kingsland Road, London E2 8AA, United Kingdom

Tel: +44 2082205184